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Taxa: Monnina weddelliana
Search Criteria: Bolivia; includes cultivated/captive occurrences

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Field Museum of Natural History

H. A. Weddell   4280

Missouri Botanical Garden

137045James C. Solomon & M. Uehling   121701984-04-03
Bolivia, La Paz, Nor Yungas, 16.5 km NE of Chuspipata (13.6 km SW of Yolosa). Lower cloud forest with abundant epiphytes., -16.22 -67.78, 2100m

137065James C. Solomon   156681986-09-25
Bolivia, La Paz, Nor Yungas, Vicinity of Coroico. Secondary growth., -16.18 -67.73, 1800m

137338James C. Solomon   93301983-01-23
Bolivia, La Paz, Nor Yungas, 7.8 km SE (above) Yolosa on road to San Juan de La Miel. Open fields, secondary growth, with some large trees along streams., -16.27 -67.72, 1700m

137347James C. Solomon & M. Nee   143371985-09-29
Bolivia, La Paz, Sud Yungas, 24.2 km E of (below) Chuspipata on the road to Chulumani. Moist forest with some disturbance., -16.37 -67.78, 1900m

United States National Herbarium

1802929.2139272H. Weddell   42801846-12-00
Bolivia, Yungas.

Page 1, records 1-6 of 6

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