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Taxa: Monnina pseudostipulata
Search Criteria: Bolivia; includes cultivated/captive occurrences

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Missouri Botanical Garden

136779D.N. Smith   137371989-08-02
Bolivia, La Paz, Sud Yungas, 9 km de Huaucané en carretera hacia San Isidro. Bosque pluvial de alta montaña, intervenido., -16.35 -67.52, 2400m

136841Israel G. Vargas C.   6561990-08-10
Bolivia, Cochabamba, Chapare, Tablas monte, entre Villa Tunari y Cochabamba. Vegetación: bosque nublado con muchas epifitas., -17.13 -66, 2660m

137418James C. Solomon & M. Nee   126961984-10-31
Bolivia, La Paz, Nor Yungas, Serranía de Bella Vista, 16 km N of Carrasco (37 km N of Caranavi) on road to Palos Blancos. Montane wet forest. Trees to 25 m, some buttresed trunks., -15.58 -67.57, 1500m

1534636M. Nee   383901989-12-26
Bolivia, Santa Cruz, Vallegrande, Ca. 6 km S of Abra Tablas on road to Los Sitanos, ca. 1 km N of Lagunillas and 5 km N of Khasa Monte. Disturbed patch of cloud forest on ridge, surrounded by grazed brushy or open slopes. Podocarpus parlatorei, P. exigua, Weinmannia, Ternstroemia asymmetr, -18.65 -64.03, 2425m

1591343Roy F. Steinbach   2041966-05-18
Bolivia, Cochabamba, Carrasco, En Siberia., 3000m

Naturalis Biodiversity Center

U.1606046Steinbach J   1929-01-19
Bolivia, Cochabamba, Incachaca.

United States National Herbarium

1802928.2113233H. Weddell   41931846-12-00
Bolivia, Enquisivi.

Page 1, records 1-7 of 7

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