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Taxa: Monnina connectisepala
Search Criteria: Bolivia; includes cultivated/captive occurrences

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Field Museum of Natural History

W. M. A. Brooke   54621949-04-09
Bolivia, La Paz

Missouri Botanical Garden

135254James C. Solomon   187011988-07-29
Bolivia, La Paz, Murillo, Valle del Río Zongo, 28.5 km al norte de la cumbre (cerca de la Escuela Cambaya). Bosque nuboso., -16.13 -68.1, 2400m

136533Al Gentry, J. Solomon & E. Zardini   441901984-01-13
Bolivia, La Paz, Nor Yungas, Near Chuspipata, la selva cloud forest., -16.28 -67.83, 2800m

137101James C. Solomon   166631987-05-01
Bolivia, La Paz, Murillo, Valle del Río Zongo. 25.7 km al N de la cumbre. Bosque nuboso al borde del río., -16.13 -68.12, 2800m

137283James C. Solomon & M. Nee   142621985-09-28
Bolivia, La Paz, Sud Yungas, 3.2 km S of (below) Chuspipata on road to Chulumani. Cloud forest, disturbed, with Brunellia, Clusia and Weinmannia., -16.3 -67.82, 2900 - 3000m

137454James C. Solomon, Bruce Stein & M. Uehling   118661984-03-16
Bolivia, La Paz, Murillo, 27.4 km N (below) of the dam at Lago Zongo; Valle del Zongo. Moist cloud forest with some tree ferns. North facing slopes more disturbed, drier., -16.12 -68.12, 2500m

1591342Christopher Davidson   49351976-11-10
Bolivia, La Paz, Nor Yungas, Carretera funam. 3, ca 29.6 km SW of Yolosa jct, toward Unduavi. Site is a narrow saddle at which the abandoned railroad track is very close to the road but not visible from it. Ca 1/2 mi away is the old station. Holdridge life zone: very humid montane s, 2910m

Page 1, records 1-7 of 7

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