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Taxa: Forsteronia chiriquensis (Forsteronia propinqua)
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Field Museum of Natural History

V0048221FO. L. Haught   48181946-05-01

Herbario Nacional Colombiano

148826Al Gentry   154191975-07-25
Colombia, Santander, 29 km W of San Vicente de Chucuri., 200 - 200m

29278O. Haught   48181946-05-01
Colombia, Antioquia, Rionegro, Forest on rio Guadalito - slender liane, pendant over stream., 50 - 50m

33623Rafael Romero-Castañeda   16851949-05-16
Colombia, Bolívar, Ayapel, Palotal.

Missouri Botanical Garden

1369653S. Knapp & J. Mallet   51611982-05-16
Panama, Panamá, Forest edges along Río Piratí, about 1/2 hour walk from Pan-American Highway, foothills of the Serrania de Majé. Tropical wet forest and second growth., 9 -78.58, 50 - 100m

1979931Joseph H. Kirkbride & Narciso Bristan   14311968-04-28
Panama, Darién, Manene to the mouth of the Río Cuasí, 7.71 -77.84, 60 - 90m

1980343E.L. Tyson, John D. Dwyer, K.E. Blum & J.A. Duke   46611966-07-16
Panama, Darién, 3 miles east of Santa Fe, 8.67 -78.12

1982899José J. Him   3021982-05-25
Panama, Chiriquí, Proyecto del Oleoducto Transistmico (E.A.S.A), Cerro Alto de la Cruz, km 97, 8.72 -82.28, 863m

1709056O. Haught   48181946-05-01
Colombia, Antioquia, Turbo, Forest on Rio Guadualito, 50m

United States National Herbarium

1709612.21O. L. Haught   48181946-05-01
Colombia, Antioquia, Turbo., 50 - 50m

Page 1, records 1-10 of 10

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